Friday, May 12, 2006

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Media Data Breaches

Information commissioner Richard Thomas says, "Journalists who buy and sell personal data should be sent to prison."

Journalism- Subjectivity & Objectivity

Dennis Ryerson from Indy Star says, "Journalists pay taxes but must report about tax issues. We have children in schools but we must report about school issues.

I don't for a moment expect journalists to set aside personal responsibilities to their families or themselves. A journalist with a child involved in a difficult school situation should, like all good parents, feel free to address such matters with appropriate school personnel.

But a line still must be drawn. We cannot lead or be part of public advocacy initiatives involving education or other public issues. We absolutely must not use our positions as journalists to seek special considerations involving our private lives."

Advertising says, "Advertising in the media consists of attempts to raise money be selling space in time - be it through printed ads, broadcast ads, or audio only radio ads. Advertising is one of the most important departments in most modern media."

Thursday, May 11, 2006

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